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United Activities Unlimited, Inc. (UAU) provides comprehensive social services, educational supports, enrichment activities and workforce development training to inspire, transform and empower individuals of all ages. UAU is dedicated to assisting children, youth, adults and families via a multitude of programs, opportunities and support services. UAU’s broad breadth of services include afterschool programs, comprehensive community centers, workforce development programs, employment training, prevention education and counseling, family and social services, fatherhood programs, college preparatory activities, literacy classes, educational enrichment and summer camps.

The UAU Fatherhood Matters program is a supportive resource geared to uplift and educate non-custodial fathers, with a focus on healthy parent-child relationships, self-care, and modeling responsibility. Through a 10-week father-specific workshop series, the Fatherhood Matters program provides fathers with a knowledge and skill-based certificate program on effective parenting skills. The dedicated Fatherhood Matters case managers assist and empower fathers in their endeavors, while providing guidance along their journey by supporting fathers in navigating child support or public benefits, finding and sustaining employment, or arranging child visitation. UAU Fatherhood Matters also offers continued support to those alumni who have completed the certificate program and want to offer support to other fathers. The Fatherhood Matters program aims to impart a new understanding of the importance of fatherhood and empower fathers to play an active role in the life of their child/ren.


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